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My name is Ray Thorn after 30 years of being a professional engineer I have invested my savings into my dream. I have been a lover of cars since I was teenager and always customizing my own cars. It wasn't long before friends and family asked for my help. I have built over a hundred cars and worked on twice as many. This is my passion. 

I have seen to many people get ripped off in the "Car World" , so I created this shop to help people find, build, maintain and drive their dream car. 

Let me help you find, plan and create your dream car. At Ray's Custom Cars, we keep old cars operating at an increased efficiency. I value customer satisfaction, so I make my clients’ lives easier by providing mobile inspection and consulting services. This means that they conveniently get a professional to check their vehicle without the hassle of lugging its parts and having it towed to a shop. No project is to small or to large.

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